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2015/05/06 12:41:47
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New archbishop vowed to expand church leadership beyond men with clerical collars

The possibility of married Roman Catholic priests was part of a candid and revealing conversation with Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich.
CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine sat down with Archbishop Cupich, who said that is wouldn’t surprise him, though not right away.
The Archbishop reminded us that Pope has already told the worldwide bishops conferences to consider it and report back.
“I think that what the pope was saying is that he wants to make sure that whatever you do it creates unity within your own churches, your own country,” Cupich said. “There’s no reason for any decision to be taken that is going to divide the church. The first mark of the church is unity and I think that is why the Pope said ‘You all need to get together first and talk about this to see what impact this will have on your church, good or ill.”
Asked if he believes he will see married ordained Catholic priests in his lifetime, Cupich said, “Predictions are hard to make but I would say with the way the Holy Spirit works in the church, I’m not going to be surprised by anything.”
Married priests other than Eastern Rite Catholics from Europe and members of other denominations already married before being ordained, was just one part of a conversation that included the increasing role of women, and including more un-ordained leaders in general, as part of his management team.
The archbishop vowed to expand church leadership beyond men with clerical collars, beginning with his appointing Betsy Bohlen as the archdiocese’ first chief operating officer. Asked if her appointment is symbolic as much as it is substantive, “ Cupich said, “ I imagine that it is symbolic in the sense that I gave a talk at the First Friday Club this last week and when I mentioned it, the women stood up and applauded. That said something to me.”
Cupich said he doesn’t believe there is any contradiction between having a woman being a leader of the archdiocese, yet women are not allowed to be priests.
“We can address the whole issue of disengaging ordination and power or authority, which I think has been collapsed for too long around the clerical state.”
For the original article see http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2015/05/05/m...s-wouldnt-surprise-archbishop-cupich/
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the devil can retire  you lot are doing his work for him . its amazing to think that the catholic church is going to split unfair this would not of happen 60 + years ago its a joke 
2015/05/19 19:06:17
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